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From grass to glass - is the public fully informed about dairy industry practices? For cows to produce milk they have to give birth to a calf every year. Most calves are separated from their mother within a few hours of birth to reduce the risk of disease and most do not stay on the farm for long. The term ‘bobby calves’ refers to newborn calves that are less than 30 days old and not with their mothers. This applies to all male calves and around three quarters of female calves. Essentially, bobby calves are surplus to dairy industry requirements as apart from the few female calves retained, they are not required for the milking herd. According to animal rights organisation SAFE, more than 1.5million bobby calves were sent for slaughter in NZ last year. Many milk drinkers are unaware of these significant numbers. Few are probably also unaware of the added cruelty these calves are... more


How did you spend Easter? To be more specific were you able to spend at Easter or did trading laws impact on your ability to shop and be entertained over the long weekend? In New Zealand there are 3 ½ days each year when almost all sho... more (2 Respondents)

Permissive parenting and the child

Permissive parenting is a kind of lenient parenting style undertaken by the parent. This can effect the child both positively and negative, though i'd like the input of fellow users as to what are these positive and negative effects in y... more

What would the world look like with Nuclear Fusion as a portable, widely used resource

If we could achieve nuclear fusion what do u believe our world would look like? (9 Respondents)