27 Oct 2017 3 Respondents
By Vanessa Peutherer
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Should NHS personal budgets be spent on patient "treats" ? SNAPSHOT

Should NHS personal budgets be spent on patient "treats" ? SNAPSHOT

An interesting, controversial article appeared in the news recently with regards to information disclosed as part of the Freedom of Information Act.

See the link below : and the case study included


In these times of financial constraint, is it reasonable to allow for individual patients to spend NHS health budgets on personal 'treats'?

What are the benefits and what are the disadvantages, short term and long term ?

What do you think?

Where should the line be drawn ?

Who is the best placed person to decide what is beneficial to ones 'health'?

How does one define a 'treat' as opposed to a 'health and well-being prescription'? Who decides ?

It is proposed that individual patients should not have the autonomy to decide whether NHS personal budgets should be used for personal "treats"